5 Serious Malfunctions Of Apple Devices And How To Fix Them

Tuesday , 13, March 2018 Comments Off on 5 Serious Malfunctions Of Apple Devices And How To Fix Them
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Now that we are gifted with the futuristic iPhone X, it is safe to say that the Apple users are one type of very privileged customers in the world. It doesn’t necessarily need for someone to own an iPhone, or an iPad to know the luxury of them. That’s why they are so world popular. But like everything mundane, even these devices have their hard times occasionally. Amongst them, there are common and mildly common issues that you have a higher chance of coming across.

Here are 5 serious malfunctions of Apple devices and how to fix them.

  • The issue of Red screen

There cannot be any sort of a flashing of any kind of a color when the phone is turning on, before the Apple logo is displayed. Especially if there is such a flashing of red color, there sure is an issue. This is found is iPhone 6, 6+, 7 and 7+ as per the records. This eventually makes the screen of the phone not turn off. There are two distinctive causes for this; one is a software problem such a corrupt backup. A restoring can amend that. But it also could be a hardware issue, where it is ideal to take the phone to a good iphone repair shop Singapore. That will do it.

  • Rapidly draining batteries

Smart devices have a bad name to drain the batteries faster than the most. But the bottom-line is that, they have no fair reason to be extremely draining at any cost. If you have this issue. You can always try fixing it by turning on low power mode, lowering the volume and such but if the problem is still there, it could be a hardware issue. Since Apple isn’t really helpful here, channel a reliable store for a battery replacement.

  • The device wont charge

Unlike other problems, that you might be able to work with, this obstructs all the pathways to any sort of a functioning. After all, what is the use of a mobile device that doesn’t turn on? You can do a few things before contacting an Apple store ultimately.

  • Try another cable
  • Try another socket
  • Try changing the connector
  • Make sure that the connection is solid


  • The SIM card isn’t accepting

After all, any mobile phone device of Apple conveys the best communication facilities. If you are facing this issue, you could try cleaning the SIM, checking on the SIM tray, or even contact your service provider to confirm that the SIM is functional.

  • Scattered screens

The negative effect of the tiniest crack goes a long way. They have the power to grow into something that will make your device useless and require a great amount of to be fixed; not only in the terms of the screen. As long as you carry out a timely iphone repair session, this will be insignificant in the end.

Taking care of your Apple device is a job up to you. Given that they are truly expensive investments, it is the best thing to do.