Effective Ways Of Purifying Water

Tuesday , 14, July 2015 Comments Off on Effective Ways Of Purifying Water
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Health is wealth so you want to do all you can to make sure you are doing your best to take care of your health. While you can never be a hundred per cent sure that you are not imbibing bacteria and other parasites at any given moment, it helps to take precautions every once in a while. That is why when it comes to the water you drink, all you be done to ensure it is of the purest form. Do you want to have alkaline water? You can read this page for more information.

Even if you happen to find yourself in a place where water quality is an issue, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you are taking in pure water. Note that you don’t have to be a biologists or some other form of scientists to be able to purify water for drinking. There are many simple but effective ways of purifying water that can be done by anyone. Some of this require only a little bit of innovation.

Boil the water

There may be times when you will find yourself in a place where the only water you have available for drinking is one dirty looking stream. Given that this is the only choice you have, you will have to deal with it the best you can. A quick fix for such water to ensure that all bacteria and parasite in the water are removed is to boil the water. Boil the water at one hundred degrees and allow cooling before drinking. Boiling water will kill any parasites that may be found in the water.

Purify the water

There are many ways of purifying water one of which could be using purification tablets or best water purifier in Singapore. Such purifiers can come in portable forms that may be useful when you find yourself in remote locations with poor quality drinking water. Other methods of purifying water include using purification tablets. These can be bought at any drugstore around you. All you need do is drop a tablet or two into a set quantity of water and allow for some minutes. These tablets are very effective for those going for camping holidays. However, check with your doctor to ensure that there may be no health effects from using such tablets. Purifiers come in different forms some of which are handheld. These days they mostly come as water bottles that are very convenient to handle.

Create your own filter

If you find yourself in very extreme conditions and you need to drink water but can’t find the right purifying agent or tools, you can create your own filter. Use a bark of a tree or any other object that you can easily shape into a cone. Place sand in it but most preferably charcoal. Pass your water through the filter several times. Note that you may not be able to remove all microbes from the water through this method. However it is better than drinking dirty water directly.