Tips To Be The Coolest Secret Santa

Monday , 9, October 2017 Comments Off on Tips To Be The Coolest Secret Santa
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With the holidays fast approaching and the Christmas drawing ever so closer (oh where has the year gone right?) we all are starting to feel that soft warmth in our hearts. while the wind changes and the seasons switch, as red and green start peeping around, as the shiny tinsels and glittery ornaments make their way back from attics and basements, we all feel that almost childish  tingle and excitement for cold evenings and rich cakes. Christmas is a celebratory time regardless of religions and beliefs; it is about a period in time where people walk around with smiles on their faces for no reason and even the nature responds to it.

With all this, comes another exciting tradition: gift giving. Even though there is no one who would not absolutely love to receive gifts, even better if they are customised gifts, but most of us get in trouble when we are to select one for someone else. Especially if that someone is a person that you don’t know very much about. Just like if you are to be the secret Santa of one of your colleagues. Kudos if that is your buddy at every lunch break; well, not so if that is your manager with that emotionless face. Let’s see how we can help.

No matter what, stick to your budget

First and foremost, do not sell your organs in order to impress someone at work. Well unless, that is your secret crush. In that case… But, try to ace this task optimally with minimum effort. This not at all means that you have to go cheap. What it means is that you need to do a bit of digging, a tad bit of research and get creative. Do they love their food? A nice spice kit. Coffee fiend? A special blend or a mug. Always seen jotting down notes? A great planner and a notebook from a corporate gifts suppliers. If you cannot really pick what they will like, a gift voucher is also a life saver.

Do not get too personal

They are called colleagues for a reason. Do not try digging too deep and giving them something too personal. Especially if you are not that chummy with the person.

Avoid getting things that are too dirty or funny.

Who wants a dirty phrased graphic t-shirt from Santa? Or pajamas or lingerie? At office? This is a big no and no matter how cool it sounds like inside your head at the time, just don’t. Stick to your office ethics at all times.