Presentation Skill – Tips And Techniques

Thursday , 14, May 2015 Comments Off on Presentation Skill – Tips And Techniques
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The first impression is the last impression! This oft heard statement about first impressions going a long way is there not just for nothing. A great impression, especially in today’s competitive work front, is essential and a critical factor for success. Creating the best impression in an engaging way and getting across the point effortlessly spells success in boardroom meetings and presentations.

If the right skills and techniques are acquired for presenting ideas fearlessly and impact fully, then the influence it has in high pressure situations will be maximum. Apart from work situations, conquering the fear of facing the public and speaking without inhibitions is helpful in social situations too.

Presenting well can be viewed by many as an in-born gift that only a few possess, but with practice and preparation anyone can attain great presentation skills too. Many experienced professionals can also go wrong while presenting and the reasons can be many, such as lack of preparation, fear of speaking in the public, lack of confidence and possessing poorly organised thoughts that cannot grab the audience’s attention. But with proper presentation skills training in Singapore, you can overcome your weaknesses and be a great presenter.

A few tips and techniques to be a good presenter

• A vital tip while delivering dynamic and effective presentations is to concentrate on the content and present it in the way the audience wants it.

• The content must be well structured, must have true facts, key points must be identified and highlighted so that it is not missed by the audience, minute details must be avoided in the presentation, it must have a strong start and end along with a clear outline about what the presentation intends to cover and convey.

• The content can be made even more interesting with relevant examples which will catch the audience’s attention and increase the re-call value.

Confidence is the key factor while presenting, and techniques to deliver confidently include building confidence by practicing the speech though not necessarily memorising the content so that you are thoroughly familiar with the content and can speak comfortably. Also incorporating visual aids and slides can divert the audience’s gaze from you but the visuals must be simple and brief.

Moreover, welcoming statements and queries from the audience are signs of confidence. Nervousness and stress which turn confidence into negative energy and are apparent while presenting can be managed by physical relaxation techniques and using imagery to stay calm.

Also getting familiar with the presentation room and setting up the presentation setup by oneself increases the comfort level and confidence while presenting.

These tips and techniques help present ideas clearly and confidently. To build more confidence and excel in presentations, you can go for presentation skills training.