Give Your Living Space A New Look With Proper Home Interior

Monday , 4, May 2015 Comments Off on Give Your Living Space A New Look With Proper Home Interior
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Interior design is meant to create a comfortable and aesthetic living space. It is not just a decoration but it speaks for your taste and status too. An interior designer plans and decorates interior space in either commercial or residential manner to offer you the best designing or decoration in your budget.

Residential and commercial interior design services

Residential design refers to the design of the interior of personal residences. This type of design is specific for individual situations; the needs and wishes of the individual are different in this field of interior design. On the other hand, Commercial design is different and it encompasses the wide range of specialties. It covers retail, visual and spatial branding, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, self-employment and some other.

Some common fields of this home interior design in Singapore are:

• Furniture Design

• Product Design

• Exhibition Design

• Lighting Design

• Kitchen Design

• Living Room Design

• Bathroom Design

More areas of the commercial specialization include designation of amusement park, museum, ceremonies, weddings, parties, concerts, prop design, theatre, set design, designs for film and television production.

Now some exclusive home interior design ideas for you:

Staying close to nature is healthy for mind and body. If you dream to spend your days in the midst of natural environment like forest, choose the Chandelier. This will give your room a perfect look of forest. It will be romantic, refreshing and unique to stay in such an ambience.

Are you an ocean lover? Love to stay among fishes? Then the new aquarium bed is the best choice for your room.

How will it make you feel if you have your dinner while sitting on a swing? Sounds interesting actually. So don’t forget to add the new concept swing set table in your new and improved interior and enjoy your every meal.

If you want something more innovative that will make you feel different while working, arrange for beach and under the desk where you work at home. And in addition, make a large window beside your desk, so that you can enjoy the side view also and refresh yourself.

For your kids, you can arrange something different and innovative by choosing the treehouse room interior. It will make their room look colourful, dreamy and fantasize their minds too.

To give your staircase an innovative touch, choose the sliding spiral staircase. This will not only replace your traditional staircase, will provide you more comfort at the same time.

For the most striking innovation arrange an external wall of your house which will play sweet and melodious music when it rains.

So just pick up your choice and make your living space look a new one!