Strokes That Can Define Your Lashes

Tuesday , 30, June 2015 Comments Off on Strokes That Can Define Your Lashes
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There are different ways in which one can highlight their eyes. The eyes need to be made expressive which is part of any kind of makeup. However, the makeup for the eyes, the lashes or the brows can be made different for different occasions. Indeed, the eye makeup has a way of defining the overall look for attire. Here are some ways one can change their eye makeup in order to change their look and create a different effect that matches the kind of wardrobe they choose or the occasion they are dressing for.

Dressing for a day out

If you have a shopping date planned with your friends during the day and the weather is bright and sunny, you might want to go low on the eyes as the event is a casual one that does not need much makeup. If the weather is warm and tropical, having a heavy eye makeup during the day time might make you look more tired than usual. It is best to go light on the eyes, highlight the lower lid or the upper ones on the edges with the best eyeliner you can find. The local products usually start to leak which produces a smudged effect that leads to one appearing tired and drained.

Dressing for a Sunday brunch

If you are getting ready for a Sunday brunch outing with family members or friends, this is usually a dress down affair that does not call for heavy eye makeup. For that reason, it might suffice to simply apply the best eyeliner you have with thin defining lines on the eyelids. That can help you achieve a clean, fresh look which is a great look for the mornings. Again, if the night before you had heavy makeup on and there is a night effect still remaining, that can transform into the morning after look.

Evenings out

For evening based casual outings, one can go with a light eyeliner application without defining the eyes much. That is the usual look that women carry throughout the day and night, especially when they are out for work and for work related outings. Having an eyelash extension can make you look good, continue reading here.

For grand affairs

Whether one is out for a night club outing, a special dinner or a glamorous evening, the look needs to suit the occasion. For that reason, you might want to opt for fake eyelashes in order to define your eyes more. The eyeliner can be applied in a thick manner on the top lid and finish it with a curve at the edge. Many women love to flaunt the kohl look where both the eyelids are drawn upon with a thick layer of eyeliner or the ethnic kohl.