Traditional Chinese Medicine – Different Types You Need To Know

Monday , 6, July 2015 Comments Off on Traditional Chinese Medicine – Different Types You Need To Know
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The ancient Chinese medicine is the term given to an array of treatments from different locations in Asia. While it is considered as an alternative therapy, it is a long-standing as well as widely accepted medical practice in other Asian countries. However, some people are still puzzled about what it is all about.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about the perfect balance. It is a holistic approach that treats the body, mind and the spirit. When the body gets out of balance, in both meta-physical and physical sense, illness will take place. This kind of medicine got its roots from the Yinyang Theory, which is all about the balance. It states that all of the spectacles in the world could be distributed into two reverse and complementary parts. Some familiar examples could be the hot/cold, male/female, light/dark, etc. The traditional Chinese medicine is meant to maintain balance and health in the whole process. If you are looking for a medical concierge, visit this page.

Different Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Acupuncture- it is the practice where inserting thin needles to certain points of the body is needed. The ancient acupuncture trails the meridian lines, but the modern physicians are now adding their very own swirl to their procedures. It is used commonly for psychological disorders, chronic pain or even to the nervous-system conditions.

• Cupping- it is one of the most unusual form of detoxification. This actually needs a special type of glass cups, which have the air inside and heated by a smoke or flame. While it is still warm inside, they are then placed on the back where they could suck up the skin into the glass cup. Most of the modern clinics are using cups installed with pumps. It is meant for clearing out all of the toxins from one’s body. However, it is not recommended if you’re planning to go to the beach, as it leaves big red circles down your back.

• Breathing and Physical exercises – the traditional Chinese medicine encourages its patients and practitioners to engage in a healthy exercise. Yoga, Taichi, meditation and even martial arts are some of the best Traditional Chinese medicines, as it is all about meditation and different breathing exercises. Know more about personalised medical services, click this link


When used correctly, the traditional Chinese medicine can surely have a great therapeutic value. However, just like any medicine, when it’s used incorrectly, it can pose danger. So, consulting health care professionals before jumping on any Chinese treatment would be ideal. Traditional Chinese medicine can be very beneficial. However, you need a professional that can help you get things done safely.